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Kagami no Mukou no Saihate Toshokan

Kagami No Mukou No Saihate Toshokan: Kou No Yuusha To Itsuwari No Maou


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    • Morgan Avatar
      Morgan - 1 year ago
      Anyone who has ever experienced a long-distance relationship, friendship or romance, will resonate with this story. It's bittersweet and touching. I was expecting it to be more formulaic based on the description, but the basic plot moves surprisingly fast in 9 agonizingly short chapters, leaving room for a more compelling mystery than the basic RPG Hero setting provides. I only regret reading it now that there are no updates!
    • Edward_broughtonburg Avatar
      Edward_broughtonburg - 2 years ago
      Great read I recommend reading
    • Yox Avatar
      Yox - 3 years ago
      No new chapter since january. Has the manga been given up on ? It's a good manga though
      Izayoi Avatar
      Izayoi - 2 years ago
      You can come back now, new chapter in february



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