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Rafusuke Senpai

Kumanishi Bijutsu-Bu - Rafusuke Senpai


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    • duck daikon Avatar
      duck daikon - 1 year ago
      its so short yet so good i wonder if theyll make an anime? ive read this 3 times already
    • Muh Zoey Avatar
      Muh Zoey - 1 year ago
      That's it im crying hey guys, do u guys have the mangaka twitter or instagram acc i wont to say a few word with him :)
    • SomebodyYouSeenBefore Avatar
      SomebodyYouSeenBefore - 1 year ago
      If you are going to read this mange I suggest you should but keep in mind the ending is good but its not the best I rate this a solid 8/10 had they added 1-2 more chapters then it would have been a 10/10
    • Logan Tannler Avatar
      Logan Tannler - 1 year ago
      Omg that was such a good ending
      Muh Zoey Avatar
      Muh Zoey - 1 year ago
      At the same time scuff i hope its continue but FUCK WHAT DID I EXPECT I'VE READ THIS IN 2022 AND ITS ALREADY DONE SINCES 2019
      Logan Tannler Avatar
      Logan Tannler - 1 year ago
      No sameeee??
    • BeastJoy Avatar
      BeastJoy - 1 year ago
    • The connoisseur Avatar
      The connoisseur - 1 year ago
      Great story I hope to see more.
    • Boner Malone Avatar
      Boner Malone - 2 years ago
      TOO SHORT!
    • Shannu Ishan Avatar
      Shannu Ishan - 2 years ago
      was that the end ?? tf??
      I'm Nobody Avatar
      I'm Nobody - 2 years ago
      yeah like bruh



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