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    • aconosoirew Avatar
      aconosoirew - 6 months ago
      One of the most important and wonderful jobs is to start a family, GET IT, YOU GET THE JOKES????? This one is pretty wholesome and it's just plain fun. A short but pleasant read I would read it, then read it again for the lols.
    • NepterN Avatar
      NepterN - 7 months ago
      10/10 its a great one time read.
    • Sho Avatar
      Sho - 2 years ago
      This was a masterpiece. Nothing more, nothing less.
      coffee Avatar
      coffee - 1 year ago
    • Fareast 07 Avatar
      Fareast 07 - 2 years ago
    • tigmig666 Avatar
      tigmig666 - 3 years ago
      that was funny,disturbing,annoying and disgusting all rolled into 1 , just like a trump speech ;)



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