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Sayonara Peter Pan

Bye Bye, Peter Pan


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    • Hello Everyone Avatar
      Hello Everyone - 10 months ago
      Its worth a read . But I feel the last chapters were rushed . Would have been nice to see more adventure . 7/10
    • thijs crienen Avatar
      thijs crienen - 1 year ago
      really good a short read and a fun one lot of plot points and turn
    • E Avatar
      E - 2 years ago
      Beautiful, it shows how cruel society can be at time, i just wish it was continued on longer as its wholesome. In the end, it had pierced my heart and now it hurts, would recommend
    • Neo The 1 Avatar
      Neo The 1 - 2 years ago
      It's good wish there could've been more chapters
    • Spudgy Avatar
      Spudgy - 2 years ago
      Really good read, takes 30 minutes so why not
    • Legitimate_Orc.Zer069 Avatar
      Legitimate_Orc.Zer069 - 2 years ago
      Ra y Avatar
      Ra y - 1 year ago
      Like your brain
      Dirt Avatar
      Dirt - 2 years ago
      How is it garbage?



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